Villa Viita as an event venue

In addition to birthdays, Villa Viita is a perfect venue for all kinds of other celebrations. The venue has also hosted bachelor parties, family parties, birthdays and weddings. All in all, the venue offers a wide range of possibilities.

Case Example: 50th anniversary celebrations in the Villa Viita style

In spring 2023, Villa Viita was the stage for the most magnificent 50th anniversary celebrations. Our partner Ville Roponen from Viljami & Co Oy was in charge of the two-day celebrations with uncompromising professionalism.
Ville Roponen describes Villa Viita as a party venue like this:
“A great place and a great ambience to decorate for a party. Lots of space, trees and a hillside plot where you can do different things with lights and fireworks.”

Lighting, music and servings play a big role in creating the atmosphere

Lighting played a big role in setting the mood for these 50th anniversary celebrations. Ribbons of light were hung from the high poles of the terrace, ball lights were hung on the railings and the trees at the edge of the forest were lit with different coloured effect lights. In addition, on the edge of the forest, a ribbon of light was used to create the figure 50 to highlight the anniversary. Looking out from the terrace of the cottage, the colorfully illuminated shoreline and the edge of the forest looked truly stunning.

The evening’s musical entertainment was provided by the villa’s own DJ, who set up a DJ station on the central patio. Tables were also brought in to socialize and enjoy refreshments. On Saturday, there was also an in-house chef preparing the meals.

Perhaps the most stress-free party service possible

Organizer considered erecting a 10m x 6m tent outside for dining, but this was not necessary since there was enough space inside. However, this did not detract from the party atmosphere and all the guests had a great time. There were over 30 people at the party on Friday and maybe 20 on Saturday.
Ville explains that he and his crew like to do things with as little inconvenience to the customer as possible.
“If necessary, we plan the whole thing + execution and take away the rubbish at the end. If a client orders a party from us, we don’t want them to have to stress themselves, so they can just concentrate on enjoying themselves.”
This time, too, all that was needed from the client was the information about how many guests were coming. Birthday hero the 50 year old Jarkko describes it like this:
“Full service. It was really easy for me as the client. We didn’t have to plan anything other than the guest list. Viljami & Co took care of everything from then on, turnkey, DJs and all. Everything. We were only asked what the budget was and how many people there were.”
Jarkko is extremely satisfied with his own party and thanks Viljami & Co for their excellent eye for detail.
“Nothing was left out. Viljami & Co has the professionalism to understand the needs of the client and based on that they come up with great suggestions that fit the budget. Absolutely fantastic!”

If you are looking for a suitable venue, look no further. Come to Villa Viita and tell us what you need.
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