Order food from the catering service

We cooperate with a local catering service.
Celebrations and events are special moments in life, and we want to make them unforgettable just for you. The catering service is built on locality, quality, and reliability.
The catering service prepares the food with love and passion, whether it’s a small family gathering or a larger corporate event. We offer a variety of options for different occasions and can customize the menu according to your preferences. Whether it’s a dinner, a refreshing cocktail party, or casual brunch, we ensure that the catering is enjoyable and a memorable part of your event.
The ingredients used are carefully selected and always of the highest quality. Providing only the best is essential to us, so we use only premium and freshest ingredients in our dishes. The catering service collaborates closely with a local organic farm to ensure that your table features only the finest flavors, respecting both locality and sustainable food production.
The catering service is committed to providing our customers with the best possible service. Every event is unique, and we focus on ensuring that our customers can enjoy their celebrations without worrying about the quality of the catering.

An example of a dinner menu

Herring and graved salmon
Feta pasta
Mushroom salad
Salad dressing
Smoked salmon
Karelian stew
Beetroot casserole
Carrot casserole
Layered cake
Coffee, tea
Ciabatta bread, herb spread
Small beer, juice, and water
Price example:
Dinner menu for 15 people, customized to the customer’s preferences, starting from €35/person, including transportation.