Hot tub

The hot tub is washed and the water is changed after each rental.
Please take a shower before going to the hot tub so that the water will remain good throughout your stay.
It’s recommended to keep the tub lid closed when you’re not in the hot tub, this way the water stays at a constant +38°C.

Terrace awnings

The terrace has two large awnings to protect from the worst heat and rain.
Awnings can be adjusted with a rod found in the corner of the terrace.
NOTE! Awnings must not be opened more than a meter without support legs. Awnings can break in the wind if they are not supported. Awnings must be closed at night.
If you want to open the awnings completely, you have to support them with the legs.
Note that both awnings have two supporting legs.
The legs can be lowered from the front edge of the awnings.
markiisin jalka
The support legs are attached to the pegs on the surface of the terrace and secured with a pin.
markiisin jalat
The desired length of the legs is locked with a lever on the leg.