Villa Viita has two charcoal grills, a gas grill and a separate outdoor fireplace.
Please do not use firewood in charcoal grills.
Bring your own charcoals if you want to use charcoal grills.

Things to consider in Kamado:

Ceramic grill, Kamado grill, i.e. egg-shaped charcoal grill.
Kamado is the best slow cooking for grilling, smoking and can also be used as a pizza oven.
The heavy and tight lid of the kamado helps maintain a high temperature inside.
The temperature of the Kamado can be adjusted using the air vents on the lid and sides of the grill. There is a thermometer in the lid.
Adjusting the temperature is more difficult – Please note that it is difficult to cool down the grill if it overheats.
Heats up slowly (requires at least 20 minutes) compared to, for example, a gas grill.
To light up the charcoals, you must use an electric grill lighter or a wood-based environmentally friendly grill lighters. The use of all lighter fluid etc. is strictly prohibited in Kamado.