General info

Villa Viita offers its customers the opportunity to charge an electric car during your stay free of charge within 24 hours after arrival. There is a Type-2 plug in the wall of the carport.
auton lataus
Bed linen should definitely be used:
We charge €25 per set for washing any blankets or pillows.
The sofas in the upstairs lounge have storage spaces for blankets and pillows.
loungen sohvat
Pets are welcome, but cannot be on the sofa / beds.

the neighbors

The neighbor’s house in the upper yard is in permanent residential use. Please remember to avoid excessive music playing and other disturbing commotion outdoors.
NOTE! The Hunting Act prescribes that from 1 March to 19 August, also outside population centres, a dog of over five months of age shall be kept on a leash. It is in the tenant’s responsibility to ensure that pets do not roam freely in the neighbors’ yards.
Also, do not go into any of the neighbors’ yards, even if they aren’t there.
Have a nice time at Villa Viita and if something bothers you, send a message on WhatsApp or call!