Leaving Villa Viita and cleaning

A small note about cleaning: Everyone is responsible for their own part to ensure that all visitors have a clean villa on their stay. Even if you have ordered a final cleaning, remember to leave behind a generally clean villa. Villa Viita has the right to charge for the final cleaning if the villa is exceptionally messy and dirty.
General cleanliness includes e.g. that all items are returned to their proper places, most of the dishes must be washed, garbage, drink cans and leftover food taken away to the garbage can. Used bed linen must be removed from the beds and collected in one pile.
The tenant is also responsible for emptying and cleaning the grills.
Turn off all the lights when you leave.


There is a washing machine, dryer and drying cabinet in the hallway if you want to wash clothes or dry clothes during your stay.
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Cleaning the outdoor areas

Terraces and other wooden walkways in the yard can be easily cleaned of sand with a leaf blower found in the storage room.

Garbage shed

You can leave the garbage in the garbage shelter located in the yard.